Networking Event – An introvert nightmare

Networking Event – An introvert nightmare. I have always hated networking events with a passion. I am now working for a boss who is also introverted, so I am now rarely obligated to attend events anymore, but my previous boss made it his mission to get me comfortable with them. He failed.

glasses-919071_1920Even in business, introverts have to feel connected to someone on another level to get the most out of a networking type of event. This takes time, and choosing the right event, and coming up with a plan to offer value to others, while getting some for ourselves.

In addition, for an introvert in a heavily stimulated environment, such as large networking event with loud noises and lots of movements, they will most likely get more overwhelmed and exhausted than their extrovert counterparts because of their brains cortical activity which is more sensitive.

The situation creates an awful feeling in the deep of our stomach and triggers the fight or flight response. Joining in on a group conversation as if we belong there, simply isn’t us.

startup-594090_1920Most networking events took place in hotels and since I had friends working in the hotel industry, so most of the time I would end up sneaking out and passing the duration of the event hiding away.


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