Too much compassion for murderers

When a husband murdered his ex-wife by strangulation while their children were in the next room, the media shared the story by saying that the Houston man made a tearful confession.

When a stalker murdered a grocery store employee, the media shared the story by saying that the poor man actually thought she was plotting to kill him with her friends. He was seen several times over the last weeks coming into the store and going to her. It was always him following her, never the contrary. It was clear that she was asking him to leave her alone. He murdered her, then googled about how to get away with murder. He knew what he was doing and yet, we are letting him off the hook for mental illness.

Why the hell do we care if a murdered cried when he confessed to murdering the mother of their two kids? Why the hell do we let a murderer get away with it due to “he wasn’t in his right mind”? It takes time and considerable strength to strangle someone to death as they fight and claw for their life. It takes time and considerable forethought to plan a murder in a busy store and stab an employee multiple time. It’s up close, personal, and horrendously brutal. What the hell is wrong with the media and society?

We are at a point where we show more compassion for murderers and criminals than we do for the victims. He’s a murderer. I don’t think anyone should be concerned with his tears!

Women are more likely to be murdered by their boyfriend or husband or ex than by anyone else.



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