Why I prefer self served

Why I prefer self served? At the grocery or any other store, I seriously dislike being really stressed out at the checkout when you have not yet had time to put away your change or your card back in your wallet and the cashier is already serving the next customer. I know there’s a lot of people waiting, but I just spent a lot of money, many I should get 5 minutes to get myself in order before being pushed to the side and made to feel like I’m in the way? 

As an introvert, I also have a strong dislike and incapability of having small talk. It always ends up being really embarrassing and awkward. I never know what to say. I always answer the wrong things. I’m just not a people person.

The same goes with banking. The only times I’ve dealt with real people at the bank, I’ve had really bad experiences.

The first time I spoke to a teller because I need to take out more money than the daily limit with the machines. It all started when my signature didn’t match the one in their system. I tried over and over again without success. I had all my proof of identity with me. (Learned later on that they still had my signature from high school which had little hearts in it. When I asked to update it, they refused because they still didn’t quite believe I wasn’t a fraudster.) I ended up being pulled into a small little room with the bank manager threatening to call the police on me. She didn’t believe my proof of identities and no one knew me at the bank. We are in the 21st century! Who the hell knows anyone anymore? I do all my banking online. Probably because this happens when I speak to human beings. I was young. I had exceptionally good credit at the time. I’m Métis. Many have a prejudice against Native American. They believe we are all poor, uneducated and drunk. I asked her to call the police on me and they would verify my identity and then they would have to answer to my lawyer. The bank manager ended up giving me access to my money with a warning that if I turn out not to be who I say I am, I would do prison. That’s a lovely feeling when you are trying to get what belongs to you and they no one believes you.

The next time I spoke to a teller because I had received a document from the bank informing me that I could have a pre-accepted loan. I usually ignore these, but this time, it was a good product and I wanted it. Get to the bank, the teller looks at him up and down and with a snooty voice tells me there must be a mistake and that I would have to make an appointment with the bank manager a week later. Once again, I was young, I had good credit and I’m Métis. I got on my cell phone and called another bank branch, where I originally opened my accounts. I got an appointment that same day, no mistakes were made and even if there was, they would still have to honour the piece of paper. The person who served me at the other branch said that if the woman had taken two seconds to look up my account she would have seen that I was working in finance and was doing pretty good, which is rare at my age, but not impossible.

Anyone else prefers dealing with machines than people? 


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