Quebec is stressed out

Somehow I’m not surprised by these findings.

According to the Canadian Community Health Survey published by Statistics Canada, the province of Quebec has the most stressed citizens in the country. The study analyzed the level of stress experienced by people aged 12 and over in different Canadian provinces by asking them if they consider themselves from very low to very high anxiety most days.

work-2005640_1920In the survey, 23.6% of Quebeckers reported they are from low to extremely stressed on a regular basis. I, myself, can report that I’m extremely stressed on a regular basis. Then again, I’m juggling multiple chronic illnesses, depression and anxiety issues, motherhood, a full-time job, etc. 

The province of Ontario is in second place with 21.9% of its residents feeling nervous most of the time.

Newfoundland and Labrador (13.2%) is the place where people are the most Zen in the country, followed closely by Prince Edward Island (14.3%). 

According to Statistic Canada, 8.6% of the Canadian population has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.


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