What’s the key to financial freedom?

Do you ever feel like you could never be wealthy or even out of debts? What’s the key to financial freedom?

I know I have days where I wonder if it’s ever going to happen and I have days when I think that my financial goals are possible. Which one is a true statement and which one is a story I tell myself? 

quote-1351710_1920If I learned something in life is that having limited beliefs or negative thoughts about one’s capabilities or options will affect the outcome no matter how much effort they put into it, they can never achieve their lofty goals because they don’t truly believe that they can.  There’s an invisible barrier on the inside that is holding them back. This applies not only to financial goals but all types of goals.

Lack of patience and wanted everything done quickly is another self-imposed obstacle. The bigger the goal, the more patience and endurance you will need. Don’t let setbacks undo everything you have achieve or stop you from working towards your goal altogether. You need determination.

The first step to financial freedom is money, it’s ourselves, our mind, our thoughts. We need to be ready to put the work forward believing that it will work out, in the end, no matter how difficult or long it takes.


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