Dunkin Donuts Stories

Dunkin Donuts Stories… The worst Dunkin Donuts store I ever worked at was downtown. I had transferred to that store because it was closer to school and it made it easier to juggle work and education. They would schedule me alone at night, which is against labor standards, for safety reasons. The store would always be full of drunk individuals comes from clubs and bars. People would get sick on the floors, fights would break out. It wasn’t quiet.

There were a homeless man and woman who would come in every time I had a shift. The man used to be a bodyguard in a previous life. He would break up fights, remove unsavoury individuals, clean up after sick people and all he asked in return was for a meal. The managers forbid giving food (even what was going to be thrown out) to the homeless or even for employees. I would do it anyway. It was worth it.

These same managers would book themselves for shifts and then fail to show up forcing the employee from the previous shift to work double shifts.

One day, I got really sick. I called the managers and asked them to find a replacement. They refused. I was literally losing my lunch in the kitchen between clients. I made the best tips that night as clients felt bad for me. I was surprised that I sold anything. I washed my hands a hundred times, but still…

I handed my resignation that night and refused to return. I have had enough. I opted to work at another store that was further from school but was much better managed and treated their employees fairly.

That particular Dunkin Donut was closed within the month.

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