Being “wet” is not consent

I can’t believe this needs to be explained, but apparently, it does. Being “wet” is not consent.

The only way you can get consent is by asking. You can’t shove your hand into a woman’s underwear and judge if she is willing if your fingers find that her vagina is wet. The consent of a woman isn’t determined by the presence of wetness in her underwear. The presence or absence of secretion is not to be taken into consideration to judge the will of a woman in terms of sexuality. You shouldn’t even be aware of the state of her underwear without her specific consent.

This liquid, secreted at the entrance of the vagina, is in no case automatic proof of desire and sexual envy. This natural lubrication can take place mechanically and never justifies sexual contact with anyone without vocal consent, regardless of the context.

Only the persons themselves can define the state of their consent, which can be withdrawn at any time.

The secretion does not make aggression more acceptable or lesser than another. If a person is not consenting, she is a victim of sexual assault, regardless of the state of her vaginal secretions.

You are not guilty and/or responsible for anything even if your vagina creates secretions during non-consensual sexual contact.

Sexual harassment has been experienced by a majority of women and it’s unacceptable.  It’s time for that to end! Let’s teach girls that they are not weak and boys that rape is not an option.


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