Prohibited items for air passengers

Transport Canada announced 2 weeks ago changes to the list of prohibited items for air passengers, which will come into effect on November 27th, 2017.  The federal government will allow small knife blades 6 centimetres or less, except on flights to the United States due to their own regulations. Retractable knives will remain prohibited on all flights.

airplane-1209752_1920I would like someone to explain something to me. According to the official report of the investigation of the attacks of September 11, 2001, hijackers managed to gain control of airliners with the only weapon box cutter, a small tool with a blade of a few centimetres. Why are we now told that 5 cm or 6 cm blades are no longer considered dangerous now? 

The reason behind the change becomes clearer when we have more facts. The World Sikh Organization (SPT) which had been campaigning for small kirpans to be allowed on flights from Canada, has, of course, welcomed these changes.

In this case, I strongly disagree. Religion shouldn’t have any say in airplane safety regulation.

What I don’t understand is that passengers are treated criminally with half a bottle of water, but suddenly, there’s no problem with carrying a 6-inch knife… When religion is involved, logic seems to go out the window.

Unfortunately, by granting religious privileges we create even more misunderstanding, fear, anger and hate. I might call this situation unreasonable accommodations.

The Quebec Parliament has protested against Transport Canada’s recent directive to allow the traditional Sikh knife to be carried aboard domestic and international flights.


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