True leaders

True leaders help themselves and others to do the right things even when it’s difficult. They lead through their actions, not their words. Whatever ethical plane you hold yourself to, when you are responsible for a team of people, it’s important to raise the bar even higher. Leading by example is what will earn you respect.


I see it all the time, leaders who have one set of rules for employees and a different set of rules for themselves. We have several of these manager types in the office. These are the leaders that get bad mouthed and ignored. They haven’t earn people’s respect. Many of these same leaders also have a tendency to rely on punishment and fear to keep their team in place. They lead their team by using fear. This is unnecessary if you become a powerful and good leader. It is also proven that employees who are stressed and fear for their jobs are less productive and solution inclined than employees who feel appreciated and respected.

Keep up your confidence level, and assure everyone that setbacks are natural and the important thing is to focus on the larger goal. Make tools available for your staff so that they can achieve their true potential. Acknowledge the work that everyone has dedicated and commend the team on each of their efforts. Don’t be afraid to deal with bad apples when need be. You can teach skills, you can help morale, but you cannot change people’s attitude. Someone who is always going to see negative will often spread that negativity to others, so be aware and act if necessary.

“Great obstacles make great leaders.” – Billy Diamond, former grand chief of the James Bay Crees

As a leader, it’s important to learn to think outside the box and to choose which of two bad choices is the best option. In other words, you will need to work on your problem-solving skills. This is not something given to everyone, but with observation, calm and patience, it’s a skill you can grow.


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