Overworked Kids to Overworked Parents

The struggle between work and life balance is the subject of so many research, blogs, conversation and personal worries. It is no secret that finding such balance is a difficult task. We tend to think that the issue starts in adulthood, but the truth is that we impose ridiculous schedule and workloads on children.


If we really want our kids to be happy and independent, we may be going about it all wrong. Afterall, children aren’t born with instruction books and our current educational system developed along with the parent’s heavy workdays.

According to research, the normal physiological and intellectual development of a child is not well adapted to a long day’s work. 6 hours of well-employed classes constitute a maximum beyond which a sustained work supplement can only bring fatigue detrimental to the physical health and nervous balance of children. As a parent and step-parent of multiple children, only one seems unaffected by the heavy school and homework schedule. 

Written homework outside the classroom, outside the presence of the teacher and in often poor material and psychological conditions, is of limited educational value. We can’t be the only parents struggling to support and help our children with mathematics only to be told the methods we used aren’t the same as the one thought in class and will result in a bad grade if used by your child. 


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