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Between college and university, I worked at Duncan Donuts. I was still living with my parents at the time and the deal was if you are not in school, you are working fulltime. I loved my job, the people, the schedule, but it was just a stepping stone for me. I applied to university and when I got accepted I handed my resignation to management.

Instead of accepting my resignation, they offered me a management position. I would be responsible for three stores in the region. The only thing they asked in return is that I turned down my university acceptance.

I am so happy I had enough of a head on my shoulders to turned down the offer and go to university. Even if I’m not working in my field of study, I wouldn’t have the job I have today if it wasn’t for that university degree.

In addition, Dunkin Donuts closed in the area so this management job would have been short-lived.

I know that many will tell you that you only live once and that life is too short. That you should live as if today was your last day, but if someone offers you quick money right now vs. more money later, bet on your future.

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  1. gotta say, *if they knew* you were leaving to go to university, and they tried to talk you out of it with a crummy management position, thats pretty lousy of dunkin.

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