Home Office Wish-list

I am working from home for the next month due to my mental and physical health. I already have the perfect work desk in a secluded area of the house, but I quickly noticed that working from home here and there is not the same as working from home every day. There are a few more things you will need when setting up a home office.

Good lighting 

EF1F60D1-8644-4B1B-B3F1-AB3D40309584Last week was pretty grey and rainy and that’s when I realized that my office has amazing natural light coming from multiple windows on sunny days, but gets really dark when the sun goes in hiding.

I was at IKEA this weekend with my best friend looking for options for her apartment and I saw this cute little lamp. It’s small, yet it makes all the difference.

I find it important to surround myself with little items that make the office look nice and calm. It helps deal with work stress and makes the day more enjoyable.

Still on my personal wish-list:

  1. An extension cord
  2. A good chair
  3. A trash can

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