Gender stereotypes

Gender stereotypes and biases work in all directions, men get shamed for being perceived as feminine, and women for being perceived as simultaneously too feminine and not feminine enough.

I’ve lost work opportunities when I was younger because employers assumed I would be getting pregnant. I was also told that I would never find a job if I didn’t wear a skirt to interviews. My ex-spouse had a difficult time returning to work after staying at home with our first child when it was born. My husband, who was a single dad when his children were little, struggled to find places to change his children’s diaper when shopping, because change tables are only available in women’s bathrooms.

“Gender is just another way of boxing us all in. Making sure that we’re all in our little safe places so that ‘I understand who you are because I put my label on you. You go into your box there and I feel comfortable with that.’ Well, NO! Break the box! Smash the box… Be who you are!” – Michelle Gomez


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