Fatigue can become extremely crippling

Fatigue can become extremely crippling on a daily basis. It can affect the body, morale, motivation, work, relationships, physical and mental health.

I used to love taking showers. I wouldn’t think twice about taking one. I would even take extra time to enjoy the warm water on my skin.

man-979980_1920Now, I need a plan before I get in. I am always asking myself if I have enough energy to accomplish this task or will I get too exhausted and nauseated halfway through and have to make an emergency exit that will take whatever energy or plans I had for the day and scrap it? Have you ever been ill because you showered? I have. I had to invest in a bench for days where my legs won’t support me long enough to shower and to help with shaving those same long legs and that doesn’t even guarantee that I will be able to accomplish everything. Sometimes I have to take a nap afterwards to get back some of that energy.

It used to be a non-moment in my life. I didn’t have to think about it. I didn’t have to worry about it. Now, I have to plan around it. That hits a person’s emotional wellbeing when you realize that everything you do needs a nap and you can’t always have access to one. Unfortunately, that’s when the cycle of pain and exhaustion gets worse when you fight through it when you force yourself to continue. Nausea and physical symptoms just keep getting worse and so those your emotions.

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