Battling to stay awake

I’m beyond exhausted. My body is struggling with an auto-immune illness. It’s struggling with hypothyroidism. It’s struggling with depression and anxiety issues. It’s struggling with vitamin D deficiency. It’s struggling with sleep apnea. I am constantly battling to stay awake and it’s a losing battle.

model-2373534_1920This morning, my husband woke me up. I said good morning and fell back asleep before finishing the two-word sentence.

I got into the car in the passenger seat and fell asleep before we reached the end of our street. Did I mention we live on the street corner?

My husband woke me up as we arrived at my workplace. I told him about my weird dream. There was a squirrel stuck in the walls of our home and we had to make whole to rescue it.

I somehow made it to my desk, but coffee was calling my name. That’s when I realized I forgot to bring coffee cups at work. Thankfully, I still had one left from yesterday. I go in the kitchen to make coffee and the coffee machine give me a half portion. It’s official, I’m about to go She-Hulk on this coffee Machine!”


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