Relationship Humour – Bedtime Routine

My husband and I were getting ready for bed yesterday after the kids were all down for the night. It’s the first marriage for both of us, but we were both single parents when we met. We still considered newlyweds but with two teens and one pre-teen that feeling is a bit different than the one represented in the media and marketing.

bed-1158272_1920Once ready for sleep, we both turned to our night table and took our meds. For a moment, the rattling of pills was all you could hear in our room. My husband starting laughing saying we already sound like an old couple to which I replied without missing a beat: “Well, we’re married now, that was bound to happen.” As if the moment, we said “I do”, we were bound to turn 80+ the very next day.

We’ve only been married since May. I’m in my late 30s and he’s in his early 40’s. I’m battling several chronic illnesses (which comes with medication several times a day) and he’s hurt his knee pretty badly at the beginning of the summer. He’s still waiting for some results to find out if he will need surgery.


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