Double standards

There are numerous examples of double standards when it comes to men and women. Some are easier to see than others. Some points of views are so ingrained in our lives that we don’t even notice them.

girl-2281969_1920Men and women in positions of authority are often viewed/received differently.  Society views a man as commanding and a woman as demanding. They view men as being in a position of authority. They see women as nagging and insistent. This perspective could easily be flipped over.

A man and a woman are being clear about what they want and won’t step down. Society views a man as forceful and a woman as pushy.  They see a man’s insistence as powerful, vigorous and authoritative. They see a woman’s insistence as overbearing, aggressive and unpleasant. Again, both are doing the exact same thing, yet the point of view differs. Again, the point of view could easily be flipped over.

A man and a woman are being confident. Society views a man is assertive and a woman is aggressive. They see the man’s confidence as bold, forthright and firm. They see the same confidence in a woman and interpret it as hostile, belligerent and truculent. If we take a step back we notice that they are both acting exactly the same. Once again, both point of views could easily be flipped over to the other party.

Society views a man as strategizing and a woman as manipulating. They are both doing the exact same thing, yet one is seen as negative.

A man and a woman who won’t take no for an answer. Society views a man as committed, even romantic and a woman as obsessive. This is seriously messed up. We literally encourage men to keep insisting and we tell them it’s a positive trait when it is in fact at the base of rape culture. A woman does the same and she’s obsessive and crazy.


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