Memories of Rome, Italy

italy-1633414_1920If you ever are lucky enough to get the chance to travel to Europe, do not miss to discover all that it does the beauty of Italy, a country that marks the imagination with its historical splendour, breathtaking scenery and gastronomy!

This gorgeous tumble of ancient and renaissance buildings are endlessly fascinating and beautiful.

I burst into tears of joy when I saw the Colosseum with my own eyes. I had studied art history and had a minor in archaeology and never had dreamed that I would be able to see these monuments of living history in my lifetime. During my college years, we had the opportunity to travel to Rome. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the trip at the time. I remember the teacher saying that it was stupid to pass such an opportunity up as he had gotten us an extremely good deal, but when it’s either travel for a week and live in the street for the rest of the semester or put food on the table, food and housing wins.

I was so lucky to have the opportunity later in life to follow the footsteps of painters, gladiators, and emperors in books and now I was able to walk the same streets and visit the same buildings. It was an incredible feeling.

Rome is a picturesque city, rich in history.

vittorio-emanuele-monument-298412_1920In the morning, I would get to the dining room before everyone else and take all the cheese from every table. I know it’s a horrible thing to do, but it was the best cheese I have ever tasted, I couldn’t get my fill. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring any back to Canada as that cheese isn’t deemed safe.

We saw the Monument of Victor Emmanuel II, we visited the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill, and we saw the beautiful Trevi fountain and the pantheon.


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