Discrimination Prevention Laws – Do they really work?

Discrimination Prevention Laws – Do they really work? Even though there are technically laws to protect women from discrimination, many employers will still choose to hire men over women by fear that they will simply loose the woman employee to pregnancy in the near future. The only difference is that they cover it up better.

women-1209678_1920I was refused at a job because I was a young woman and they assumed that I would be having more children. Of course, the official reason was that they had found someone qualified, but I knew someone on the inside that told me otherwise. Of course, I couldn’t prove it and that employee wouldn’t have backed me up if I had made an official complaint by fear of loosing her job, which I completely understand.

I did have a young child at the time, but what they didn’t know was that I had been pregnant 4 times to have one baby and wouldn’t go through the risk of loosing another child at any cost.

Karma did work for me that time as the older woman they hired worked 3 months got her permanency and announced she was pregnant and had to go on early maternity leave because of complication.

If we do not talk about these issues, we will get nowhere.

Have you run in to similar experience?


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