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There’s no denying that tattoos are becoming more commonplace, but there are still many preconceptions when it comes to tattoos, but thankfully these are slowly fading away.

IMG_5439For me, tattoos are wearable work of art.

Many wrongly assume that people who have tattoos are extrovert, partyers, rebellious, school dropouts and/or a misguided moral compass.

I have two tattoos and playing with the idea of adding a third one. I am an introvert, a mother, university educated and I have a very strong moral compass.  When I got my second tattoo, my family worried that I may lose my job. First, all my tattoos are coverable. Secondly, I got that tattoo with my manager and two other coworkers. I think my job is secure.

The reasons to get a tattoo is wide and varied. You should never judge a book by its cover.

Many worry about what these tattoos will look like when you are old and wrinkly. Well, in this generation, there are enough examples out there to know exactly what they will look like. Plus as a friend once said: “who cares about how terrible tattooed skin will look when we grow old, old skin with or without tattoos doesn’t look much of a beauty.”

You may not like it. You may not ever want the same thing for yourself, but it’s my body to do what I want with it.

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