You are never truly safe

The truth is that if you are a woman in this world, you are never truly safe. Violence against women is an epidemic around the world. I personally don’t know of any place that is safe from gender violence.

When famous people like Bill Cosby admit to sexual crimes and the trial still ends in a mistrial, it gives very little hope for anyone else to get justice. What victims see is that even when a rapist confess there is still a strong chance he will go free. This tells victims that the law isn’t there to protect them.

“Bill Cosby was known to be predatory. The crimes were his, but many were complicit. Many more chose to look the other way.” – Ellen Page

There are numerous examples of this. Johny Depp was caught on tape being violent with his wife and he’s cast in Harry Potter movies and a Universal franchise. Chris Brown almost killed Rihanna and still gets played on the radio. This tells women that their safety and well-being isn’t valued.

Donald Trump bragged about sexual violence and he was still elected president. This tells women nobody cares about them, that the world doesn’t give a fuck about them.

#YesAllWomen because the odds of being attacked by a shark are 1 in 3,748,067, while a woman’s odds of being raped are 1 in 6… yet fear of sharks is seen as rational while being cautious of men is seen as misandry.” – Unknown

I am hoping that with all of the #metoo scandals coming out of the woodworks, society as a whole will change its perspective on gender violence. What I am hoping to see is rapists and domestic abusers have to face what they have done, to be punished and stopped being protected by a system that keeps failing victims.

The more gender violence is normalised the worst the situation will get. let’s make one thing clear, we are not responsible for the violence inflicted upon us. The perpetrators of that violence are the only responsible parties. No one “deserves” violence, rape or murder. We are not objects to be owned. No one is entitled to anyone else’s body.

Even though we live in a world that has no safe spaces, women still don’t assume every man they meet is a rapist, but if a man makes an inappropriate comment, joke or compliment, they have to be on their guards and take care not to say anything that could be construed as an invitation, and make sure we are not followed home. The fact that should anything happen, the law will be there to protect him, not her, that therapists will continue in life without consequences and she will be blamed for everything is in always in the back of our minds. Yet, if we speak up about, we are told that we are being ridiculous, to quiet down, that not everyone is a criminal.


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