Basic Office Kitchen Manners

Most offices do not have a full time cleaning staff on hand to clean up after people. The best way to ensure that everyone can enjoy the office kitchen area and keep all appliances and accommodations in top shape is by each member of the company to follow basic manners and chip in to do our own part in respecting the lunch environment.

List of office kitchen manners:

  1. Put your name on any food or bag that you put in the fridge and/or on the shelves so that people can tell the difference between food/items offered by the company for everyone’s use and the items that belong to a specific individual. Do not complain if someone is using your ketchup bottle if you didn’t put your name on it.
  2. Don’t eat food that isn’t yours. It doesn’t matter how hungry you are, ask before taking, otherwise is stealing and it’s illegal.
  3. Store your food properly. Keep items covered and sanitary. Please don’t be gross.
  4. Do not leave dishes and utensils in the sink, clean and put them away or if your office kitchen has a dishwasher, put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
  5. If you borrow office dishes or utensils, do not take them home or throw them out.
  6. coffee-1973549_1920If you spill something, wipe it up.
  7. If your food splatters in the microwave or toaster-oven, wipe it up. Just because you can close the door and hide the mess, doesn’t mean that you should leave it to the next person to clean. Be an adult and clean up your own mess.
  8. If you see mouldy rotten food in the fridge, throw it away even if it doesn’t belong to you. This is a serious food contamination and health risk. Don’t wait until a new lifeforms develops and starts communicating.
  9. If you use the coffee machine, remove you k-cup when done.
  10. If you are listening to music or steaming a video on your phone, tablet or laptop, use earphones. Not everyone wants to hear what you are listening to.

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