You saw it for the first time at the cinema

Do you ever catch a movie on TV and think about when you saw it for the first time at the cinema? I do. I remember where people laughed or were shocked or anytime the crowd reacted loudly and in unison.

I’m an introvert and usually preferred to stay home alone than to mix with a large group of people I don’t know. There are some exceptions. I have great memories thanks to movie theatre crowds.

star-wars-2082969_1920I remember waiting 6 hours for Star Wars Episode 1 tickets with my little brother. We had skipped school/work in order to get these tickets back in 1999. People had come in full cosplay and everyone was happy. It was a cold day and the cinema owner let the first few stay indoors near the ticket machines. We ordered pizza as a group and had great conversations. That day we were all good friends.

I remember waiting in an extremely long line to view a early showing of Star Wars Episode 2 with my little bother and my cousin back in 2002. We were going in just after the journalist showing. As they came out, they¬†looked at the long line and notice I was the only women from the door to as far as the eye could see. I got interviewed by several journalists and got some nice Star Wars marketing goodies reserved for journalists. I remember my cousin and brother thinking it wasn’t fair.

dancing-dave-minion-510835_1920I remember going to the movies with my young child to view Despicable Me in 2010. In excitement my child screamed the name of the movie. Being French speaking, it came out a bit wrong. Instead of Despicable Me, she said Spit Vomit. The crowd erupted in laughter, including us and to this day (many, many years later) we still call it Spit Vomit.

I remember winning tickets to an early showing of Twilight: Breaking Dawn in 2011. I had one 2 tickets so I brought a friend with me. We ended up meeting one of the actors who passed a lot of time in our section, probably because among the crowd of young teenagers, we were the only ones about his age. We also passed in the newspaper and on television that day.


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