Divided we fall

We are losing the ability to make any kind of change on anything that affects the bottom line on anything that cuts into the profits of the 1% of our society. These so called elitists control over half of the gross national product for most of the worlds biggest countries and will not let anything cut into their bottom line. They own governments and supreme courts. They make and break law, but the scariest thing is that they do this without any accountability or conscience. All they care about is gaining more wealth and power.

They keep us in line by keeping us divided, white against black, poor against rich, male against female, which makes it very hard to fight against. We can’t just keep letting this stuff slide, even if it doesn’t affect us directly. We have to look out for each other and fight for change together.

It is not that we don’t want to help to keep this world in. It is not that we don’t want things to change, for this world to get better. It’s that we are not allowed to even try.

If we want to start fixing things, then we are going to have to start fighting these guys at their level which is almost impossible, because we just don’t have the money.



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