Emotions aren’t bad words

Emotions aren’t bad words. As a society, I find that we have grown uncomfortable with emotions. Although I am a big fan of Star Trek, I don’t necessarily think that Vulcan’s have a healthy view of logic or emotions. Since when did hiding your emotions, turning off your feelings make a person cooler or tougher or more attractive?

Sexist ideals put a lot of pressure on men to hide their emotions and vulnerability and they denigrate women for having them.

It’s time we remember that emotions/feelings aren’t bad words. We have them for a reason. We shouldn’t be suppressing or hiding them. Your emotions belong to you, and you choose how you want to express them.

Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and they will come forth, later, in uglier ways.” – Sigmund Freud

couple-814825_1280It is proven that emotional people experience life more deeply and more authentically than those who aren’t. Owning our emotions is the beginning of getting free.

Stopping ourselves from feeling can become even uglier as time passes and then come out at the worst of times and must stronger after many years of never being allowed to express them.

“Stop crying” is a way to tell someone that their feelings are wrong or don’t matter. No one should be told how to feel. It’s invalidating as hell and it doesn’t solve anything. On the contrary, crying can lead to a positive increase in mood following the flow of tears.

Don’t be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts. Hopia

Unfortunately, prejudice against emotion is often used as a weapon. For example, when women speak with conviction from their own experience and you call it an emotional response in order to dismiss it as if it has no credibility or merit, that says something about your character. Due to the perception that women are overly emotional, their partners, friends, and coworkers constantly call their valid feelings and concerns into question.

Another example is when John McCain’s used the term emotional to discredit Hillary Clinton. The perception that women are more emotional made people take her less seriously.

“Showing emotion isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength.” – Nev Schulman

Emotional shouldn’t be an insult in the first place, no matter who it’s directed to. If you feel like your value is less because of your sensitivity, chances are someone put that idea in your head.

Some will also be quick to tell you that you are overreacting, but in fact, you were simply having a normal response to an abnormal amount of bullshit.

“If you’re taught to hide what makes you different, you end up feeling a lot of shame about who you are and that’s not okay.” – The Fosters

If you are having difficulty expressing your emotions, writing it out is often a good place to start. Simply put the pen to paper and see where it takes you. I learned to express my emotions by taking theater classes. Stepping into different roles helped me get in touch with my emotions. Some people use therapy as it lets them speak your mind with no repercussions. It’s really about letting go of all the pent-up emotions in a safe, healthy way.

Let’s makes the world a better place. Let’s always lifting people up, never putting them down. Let our differences unite us, not divide us. Kindness and compassion go a long way for everyone. That’s how we will save lives and let’s keep having this conversation so people start paying attention!!!


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