What parents need to know about social media

What parents need to know about social media. When it comes to kids and technology, many parents said it’s difficult to keep up. There is a multitude of applications that our youth can use on their phone or any other electronic devices. There are new ones coming out every other day.


Many parents do not know what application their children use. Others know the names of the applications, but do not know anything about the privacy and security settings of these social media applications.  There’s a very good chance, you would be shocked how much information about your child and your family is easily accessible online. 

Did you know that many social media applications have Geo-localization and that it is possible for strangers to follow their whereabouts?

It’s somewhat unsettling but social media is a subject that must be talked with your kids over and over to learn more about the apps they use and make sure that they are being safe and the privacy and security setting are up to date.


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