Arachnid is cleaning the web

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection situated in Winnipeg Canada has developed a new tool called Arachnid to combat the growing proliferation of child sexual abuse material on the Internet.

sisters-931151_1920The Arachnid is a very powerful automated crawler (robot) whose goal is to help reduce the online availability of child sexual abuse material and break the cycle of abuse. Every day it lists more than 2,800 sets of child sexual abuse images on the Internet, detects 80,000 different problem images per month and sends about 700 withdrawal requests per day to suppliers.When child sexual abuse material is identified, a notice is sent to the hosting provider to request its immediate removal, effectively cleaning the web. 

Thanks to this platform, more than 550 individuals have been arrested up to date.

Around Arachnid, you now have foreign partners of very high calibre, but also technological companies that allow us to increase our strike force. These alliances are essential since they allow the Arachnid robot to draw from the databases of organizations like Interpol to identify ever more compromising images.

All this, much to the relief of the victims, who live in the constant fear of being recognized by someone who has seen the images of child sexual abuse they have suffered.

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