Lets Support Innovative and Passionate Teachers

I do not remember standing at the podium during my high school graduation, looking over the crowd, because I wasn’t there. Only a few student showed up for the graduation ceremony. The great majority, like me, choose to stay home.

graduation-2038864_1920Some of my peers had given up on their education and dropped out. One of my friends was kicked out in the middle of the school year because she turned 19. She was told she had to attend adult school if she wanted to finish her high school. Most of the student in my grade, including myself, didn’t attend the graduation ceremony because we didn’t want to return inside that school even for the diploma. We just wanted to put it all behind us.

Most teachers in our school were either not teaching in their field. For example, our mathematics teacher was learning the material at the same time as us and was struggling. Her speciality was French, not Maths and too many teachers in our school also were depressed, tired and just didn’t care anymore. I lost so many teachers to mental breakdowns, it’s just not normal. The school system is killing teachers and students souls.

We had one teacher that was passionate about teaching and cared about students. He had been warned that my class was particularly difficult. The funny part is that he actually enjoyed his time with us and we looked forward to his class. Participation was up, and so were our grades.

Teachers have the power to see their student’s potential and to spark their passions. They have the power to give children find a love of learning and the confidence to pursue their dreams. There are teachers who go the extra mile to achieve that goal. Many do so despite the lack of resources. These educators are vital. A good and motivated teacher can be instrumental in the educational journey that carries their students through school and their careers.

Let’s support innovative and passionate teachers. Just one small act of caring can sometimes make all the difference in the world.

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