Can you name 10 things that make you happy?

As many of you already know, I struggle with depression and anxiety. I am outspoken about my mental illness issues to raise awareness for mental health.

Our emotions don’t just affect our mental state but our entire body.

I realized this morning that I can easily name 10 things that make me unhappy, but had more difficulty naming 10 things that make me truly happy.

Here is my list of 10 things that make me happy:

  1. My child’s smile/laughter
  2. Quality time with my husband
  3. Jigsaw Puzzles and Problem-Solving games
  4. Long hugs
  5. Attending Comic-con (It’s better than Christmas. Seriously, last year I went in a wheelchair because I couldn’t walk. Nothing will stop me from attending.)
  6. Writing blog posts and seeing views on my blog (Thank you for reading. Don’t be afraid to say hi!)
  7. Passing time in nature (It’s been far too long since I was surrounded by nature and I feel it playing in my mood.) I’m a dendrophile (someone who loves trees, forests). There is something so mesmerizing about life in the woods and the miracles of nature.
  8. Long weekends
  9. Working from home
  10. Sleeping & along time to recharge my batteries. I’m an introvert after all.

Can you name 10 things that make you happy? 

I love hearing from you!

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