Problems provide a catalyst for change

Change is always possible, anytime at any moment and we don’t always decide when or how it will happen. Your life can change in an instant. New problems and challenges provide a catalyst for change and can offer valuable life lessons to the ones experiencing them, even if it’s only a reminder of how strong we are and how to survive.

girl-1721432_1920In the last two years, I’ve been dealing with chronic illnesses, depression and anxiety issues. My body has gone through quite a change and not for the better. It has forced me to slow down and enjoy the little moments in life.

It’s not easy for people to understand. even for my loved ones, that every day is a struggle, that every day is filled with physical pain and mental anguish. I never imagined before getting sick that I would one day have to choose between taking a shower or have enough energy to get dress. Even on good days, when I can fool myself into thinking I can act and achieve things I used to take for granted, I am quickly reminded that I will never be normal again.

I’ve come to realize that it’s completely fine and healthy to take time off for yourself.  I understand that I must show love and consideration for myself in order to show the full extent of my love and consideration to others. It’s not always simple or easy to do when you are a parent, but it’s necessary to keep some time aside for yourself.


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