Nurses are primordial

It drives me nuts when people put less importance or value on nurses because they aren’t doctors. It shows a complete lack of understanding and observation of how the medical field works and how nurses are primordial. Too many have this mentality.

health-2382316_1920Nurses are overworked. Their job is both demanding physically and emotionally. They are effectively burning their inner candle from both sides at the same time and it’s not always rewarding.

There are still good people out there, making it better for someone every day!

Good nurses who haven’t lost their way take good care of patients no matter what their backgrounds are and without judgment. They interact with people when they need guidance.

I’m not saying haven’t met any bad apples, but the great majority of nurses I have crossed path with were professional and caring.

The Endocrinology¬†and the Rheumatology at the hospital I go to on a regular basis has a dedicated nurse who takes care of all the tests for these multiple doctors. She is always smiling, even the day that she had to walk to work because her old car burst into flame. She asks how you are doing and really want to know. She only sees people who are struggling with health issues and knows that it isn’t easy. She also knows that the doctors don’t really talk about the emotional effect of illness. She’s a great listener and she is wonderful at giving people hope.

The title “Nurse” is a badge of honour that should be carried with pride and you all have our love and greatest respect.


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