Lost in thought

I am often lost in thought and do things without noticing, such as put my stuff in really weird or unusual places. I pass a lot of time trying to find those things wondering where in the world I could have put them.

IMG_0059For example, last weekend I couldn’t find my cell phone charger. I was afraid I may have accidentally thrown it out in the trash because it was in a grey plastic bag. I almost purchased another one. Thankfully, we found it in a puzzle box. Makes perfect sense right?

Another day, I couldn’t find my wallet anywhere. I was afraid I might have lost it at the store. Thankfully, after a thorough search of the house, I found my wallet in my makeup case in the bathroom. Of course, that is wallets go! I don’t put on makeup every day so it took a while before I thought about looking in there.

Another time, I lost my spring coat. It’s not a small object and it’s bright blue. We’ve been looking for it everywhere for a week now. We finally found it underneath my kid’s drawing desk.

Part of the issue is a question of habit, other is medications that play with my memory and the rest is due to my thyroid issues which cause mind fog.

Where is the weirdest place you found something of yours? Let me feel less alone! lol


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