Sexism and Racism in Advertising

Sexism and Racism in Advertising is very present. Advertising is, to this day, unfortunately, one of the worst offenders when it comes to gross sexism and racism. We see it every time we turn on the television or log into our social media accounts.

Sexism depictions of both women and men are among the advertising content is unacceptable.

advertising-219580_1920Gendered Products

Why do women want dishwashers and men want cars?  Why do female razors cost so much more than male ones?

Featuring men that are completely incapable of completing a domestic task, like caring for children reinforcement of stereotyped views of gender roles. Showing fathers as loving and competent contributors to the household rather than laughable idiots.


Objectifying women through sex-sells strategy.  Brands will go to absurd lengths to sexuality their ads.

Unrealistic Body Images

sexy-1639880_1920Why does every woman have to be young, thin and white?

Photo retouching that helps to create unrealistic body images. Beefy machismo is not a singular ideal by which to judge men.

France requires an advertisement to include a “photograph edited” note when bodies have been photoshopped so that viewers don’t get an unrealistic idea of what people look like.

We can all do more to fight sexism and racism.


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