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December 28th is Stan Lee’s birthday. I had the wonderful honour to meet him at a ComicCon a few years ago. He truly turned a job into a passion.

Since most of my favourite superheroes are from Marvel, I decided to do a top 10 superheroes (not necessarily in order):

Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)

Elite female sleeper agent. She intelligent, talented and an amazing combatant.

Did you know that she was almost brainwashed into serving the ninja clan the Hand? Did you know that she and Daredevil dated?

Hawkeye (Clint Barton)

Master Archer. Issues with authority figures. Independent.

He falls in love with Black Widow. He later develops affections for the Scarlet Witch. He and Vision have a bitter relationship due to both of them having feelings for Scarlet. He later marries Mockingbird.

Did you know that Clint Barton succeeded Hank Pym as the Goliath?

Jessica Jones

She went to high school with Spider-man. Her father worked for Tony Stark. After an accident in which her parents died, Jessica develops super strength, limited invulnerability and eventually the ability to fly.

Kill-grave sent Jessica Jones to kill Daredevil in the Avengers Mansion. Jessica had therapy with Jean Grey.

Jessica becomes an entrepreneur. She started her own private investigation agency. She had a brief relationship with Ant-Man (Scott Lang) but married Luke Cage. They have a child together.

I highly recommend that you watch the Netflix series, Jessica Jones. It is incredible.

Did you know that Jessica Jones used numerous aliases throughout her history? Jewel, Knightress and Power Woman.

Kitty Pryde

She has been my favourite Marvel hero since childhood.

She can pass through walls. Storm takes Kitty under her wings and considered her as the daughter she never had. Kitty grows up and befriends Lockheed, a highly intelligent alien resembling a dragon. (I love dragons) The two of them share a psychic bond. She learns martial arts and is brainwashed by Ogun into becoming a ninja assassin, but is saved by Wolverine.

She eventually meets Star-Lord and the two fall in love and marries. She becomes Star-Lady. This is why I keep hoping to see her in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. They better not replace her with anyone else!  

Did you know that Kitty Pryde like Jessica Jones used numerous aliases throughout her history? Sprite, Ariel, Shadowcat and Star-Lady.

Luke Cage (Carl Lucas)

Carl Lucas develops superhuman strength and unbreakable skin after volunteering for a cellular regeneration experiment. Hero for hire.

I highly recommend that you look up the Netflix series, Luke Cage. It’s action-packed.

Did you know that Luke Cage is also known as Power Man? Well, he did marry Jessica Jones who takes on the alias Power Woman. Makes sense right? 

Scarlet Witch (Wanda)

She’s a witch. Daughter of Magneto, although she passes most of her life without knowing this fact.

She marries Vision. They have children together through magic.

Did you know that Scarlet Witch becomes the leader of the Avengers West Coast Team?

She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)

Jennifer is the cousin of Bruce Banner. She becomes She-Hulk after an emergency blood transfusion from Bruce. Like Hulk, she becomes stronger when enraged. Unlike Hulk, she largely retains her intelligence and her emotional control. Her transformation eventually becomes permanent.

Her and Wonder Women once joined in a battle against a common enemy.

Did you know that She-Hulk and Luke Cage dated for a while?

Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Norrin sacrifices himself to save his planet from Galactus by agreeing to servitude. Imbued with power from Galactus, he acquires a new silver body, vast powers and a surfboard-like craft that enables him to travel faster than light.

The Fantastic Four team helps him rediscover his humanity. Silversurfer saves Earth from Galactus and is exiled there as punishment.  He eventually sacrifices his life to save the world from the Stranger.

Did you know that Silver Surfer joined the Defenders for a while?


The daughter of a tribal princess. She has the ability to control the weather and can fly. She has excellent leadership skills.

She marries Black Panther and becomes the Queen Consort of the African nation of Wakanda. Unfortunately, their marriage doesn’t make the test of time and they eventually divorce.

Wolverine (James Howlett)

He’s Canadian. He lived in the wilderness among wolves. He resided with the Blackfoot Native Americans. He served with the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion during D-Day.

Wonder Woman

wonder-woman-2478971_1920Wonder Woman is in many ways unique among superheroes. She comes from a nurturing culture, where women support each other and work together toward common goals. She brings this conviction that we can all do better through empathy and cooperation with her into the rest of the world.

Wonder Woman is empathetic, compassionate, and believe in the goodness of humanity. She’s a champion for women everywhere, and she also got a big thing for truth, what with that special lasso.


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