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As an introvert, the worst thing someone can ask me is “tell me a little about yourself.” This draws an automatic blank page and writer’s block in my mind. It’s not that I’m unaware of myself, it’s simply that I can’t come up with a simple explanation in only a few words upon command.

As an introvert, I spend a lot of time by myself and pay close attention to what I am feeling and thinking. I am very aware of myself, which is quite difficult to achieve in a busy world we live in. I do believe that self-reflection and introspection are important tools for personal growth. I think most introverts have passed quite a bit of time in self-reflection and introspection and are quite aware of who they are.

The exercise allows us as human beings to connect with your true self and make sure we are living true to ourselves.  This is true of both introverts and extroverts.

Since writing about myself is a lot easier than talking about myself, I decided to write a few things down.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle


I sometimes come across as weird or sad because I’m a daydreamer and solitude seeker.

I’ve always loved writing but struggled in language class because of my dyslexia. I enjoy writing fiction, but once the story has found its conclusion or has run its natural course through my mind, I no longer feel the need or drive to put it on paper. The exercise of writing is more about pulling the ideas out of my busy mind in order to make sense of it.

One night getting ready for bed, I confessed to my fiancée (now husband) that I was thinking about starting a blog. I had a lot of things on my mind and thought that writing short (or long) posts about it would make me happy. I created my blog the very next day and it is still obviously going.

When this page was first created, I chose the name Topics with Passion, as it was fitting my state of mind, and wanted to relay that message that I would be talking about anything and everything that I’m passionate about. I read about blogging and many pro-bloggers strongly suggested that a blog should be one topic only. I decided not to listen. If this blog was going to work and keep my interest going, it had to be a true image of myself. I don’t know anyone who is only passionate or interested in one subject only. Most of us are complicated multidimensional beings, so why can’t blogs be the same way? There’s a reason why categories and tags exist.

“Blog like no one is reading. Blog for yourself, first and always. Blog because you feel compelled to share things you’re passionate about and you’ll never run out of material.” – Unknown

Things I love

My family is very important in my life. They are my number one priority, my heart.

I love writing, puzzles, problem-solving, a good book. I love the nature. I’m a dendrophile (someone who loves trees, forest). I love walking in nature, swimming in the water, watching thunderstorms, feeling the wind on my skin on a road trip.

Despite having dyslexia, I love reading and writing. This blog is diffinitly something I am passionate about.

Things I value

sunset-690240_1920I’m not the friend that’s going to agree with you because we’re friends. I don’t really understand people who are so loyal that they’ll agree with a loved one who’s blatantly int he wrong. If you’re wrong, you’re wrong. I understand loving and supporting the person and trying to be sensitive about the matter, but not mindlessly agreeing with them no matter what. I believe that loving someone is about that kind of honesty. If you can’t be open in this way, eventually it will create conflict anyway. Without truth, growth can’t happen.

“I love the person I’ve become, because I fought to become her.” – Kaci Diane

Things I live with

As someone who struggles with chronic illness and mental illness, I love my bed more than I love most people. It’s not easy for people to understand that every day I struggle, often I have to choose whether or not to shower or do the dishes or even get dressed.

What I strive to be

No one is perfect and I know I have a lot to learn. This is why I have a lot of things to strive for. Personally, I think that has human being we constantly need to learn, to dream, to discover, to move forward. That is what keeps us going.

“Always spend time improving yourself” – Unknown

I strive to be an empathetic and altruistic human being. I have a lot of empathy and generosity when it comes to the people in my circle, but I would like to apply those qualities in all facets of my life.

I strive to let go of my ego and moving beyond my our own bullshit that we tell ourselves. I think we all have pride and sometimes that pride keeps us from growing as a human being.


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