Women fart – Shocking I know!

Flatulence might be embarrassing, but it is a natural body function. In fact, human beings fart on average 13 to 21 times a day.

fashion-605508_1920You see what I wrote there … human beings … not men … both fart. You are going to ask me why I’m stating the obvious. Well, apparently there are men out there who honestly believe that it is impossible for women to fart.

I was sitting in a fast food restaurant at 3AM after the closures of the bars with my friends when one of the more recent male addition to our group said that women are lucky because they don’t fart. My immediate reaction was to ask him if he’d ever dated a woman before, because, you know, women fart. He was shocked by my reaction and started to explain to me that women are biologically different than men and don’t have the equipment to make farts. I couldn’t believe someone would actually believe that. My jaw actually made a sound when it hit the floor.

I know this will be shocking for some, but both men and women have intestines and butt hole. Also, our farts do not smell like roses or rainbows or unicorns or anything pretty. They smell just as foul as any man’s fart.



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