Spa L’Ovarium (Review)

I’ve wanted to experience Spa L’Ovarium ever since I learned about the flotation baths (aka isolation tanks).

I went to Spa L’Ovarium for the first time along with two friends. We are all very different in size, health and experience. All three of us took the Essential package with is the flotation bath (also known as sensory deprivation tank) and a therapeutic massage.

We did the massage followed by the pods. I personally recommended for your first time that you do the pods first, followed by the message. I will explain why later.

I have Graves Disease, I had hyperthyroidism, but I now have hypothyroidism due to radiation, I also have a vitamin D deficiency for which I am being treated. None of my health issues is under control yet. I also struggle with depression and anxiety issues, which are getting better due to treatment. I am also being followed by a Rheumatologist and a Dermatologist, as my doctors suspect that I have another auto-immune illness. This week alone, I have 4 appointments at the hospital.

The baths are supposed to help strengthen the immune system due to my thyroid issues. It is supposed to releases and decreases negative stress because stress makes all illnesses both physical and mental worse. According to the site, one hour of floating is equal to three hours of sleep, something I also need due to sleep apnea and almost nightly migraines and being woken by physical pain. It’s supposed to help relieve pain and inflammation and so much more.

Every single employee at the spa is incredibly welcoming. I have rarely felt this level of comfort just interacting with the staff. I’m an introvert and socially inept and never felt uncomfortable or awkward.

treatment-1327811_1920The therapeutic massage was wonderful. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. I took a full body relaxation massage, which I really needed. Now, I already want to go back and ask to concentrate on my back muscles. One of my friends specified that she wanted a strong therapeutic massage using elbows and she got exactly what she needed.

The staff will give you a small information session prior to the baths in which you can ask all the questions you may have, but it still doesn’t quite prepare you for your first experience. The door to the floatation-bath is counter-weighted, thus permitting you to adjust the door to your personal preference. My first thought was that it was good for people who suffer from claustrophobia. If you have asthma, I highly recommend that you do not completely close the isolation tank. I did so because I wanted to full isolation experience and had issues with my asthma. It wasn’t enough to start a full-on asthma attack, but enough to take away some of the comforts from the experience.

When they say that “you will float effortlessly in the silky water”, they really mean it. When I first got in, I hadn’t grabbed on to the door of the pod and ended up sliding backwards in the centre of the pod with the door wide open. I was taken by surprise so I tried to stop myself. Every muscle in my body seized (this is due to my chronic illness) and was an enormous amount of pain. It eventually passed and I was able to put myself on my knees and reached the door to close it.

It’s really too bad that spas are expensive. Spa L’Ovarium is competitive in prices, but it’s still a luxury. Hopefully, I get to go back in a few months for my birthday.


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