Racism is very much an issue

I was surprised to realize that quite a few people actually think that racism is a problem that will soon disappear on its own and no effort is required to make it happen.

I’ve been told that most racist people are from the previous generation because they simply didn’t know better and the issue will die out as they do. Not only is this thought a complete lie, it’s also quite morbid. Most of the Nazi’s and white supremacists from Charlottesville were 25 and young. Dylann Roof was 20 years old when he walked into a Charleston church and shot and killed 9 people. Terrorist organizations actually recruit among our youth as they are easier to manipulate and brainwash.

I’ve been told that racism will disappear as more and more children come from mixed backgrounds. The truth is that if we were all to take the DNA test and find out our cultural background, we would realize that each one of us is mixed. Nazi and White Supremacist are foolish themselves by thinking that they are from white only ancestry. No matter how mixed the world is, unfortunately, there will always be those who judge and denigrates others based on looks and culture.

Racism isn’t magically going to disappear. It requires work. It requires education. It requires understanding, acceptance and empathy.



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