When were you first solicited?

To accept that some women are prostitutes is to accept the idea that all women are prostitutes.

It is not surprising that all women are solicited, an extremely serious situation for equality between women and men and women’s sense of security on the road.

When were you first solicited? 

One day when I was 7 years old, my grandmother brought me to a bigger library in the city. We lived in a small village and our library was a recycled trailer. It was on a particularly warm summer day. I was wearing a pretty green summer dress with white flowers. It was my favourite dress as it was really pretty. We browsed the shelves together. My grandmother walked away to ask a question at the service counter. I stayed in the children section to look at the comic books. I could still see her from where I stood.

child-684582_1920A man approached me and asked, “You look pretty, how much to put my dick in you”. I
walked away quickly to stand next to my grandmother who didn’t notice anything was awry. I never wore that dress again. It felt like wearing that dress somehow pegged me as a street worker. I hated that dress.

His approach had nothing to do with the way I was dressed. I was a child. I was in a public library looking at comic books. This disgusting man should never have seen me as a sexual object to be used. Too often, young girls are sexualized before they truly even understand what that means or came into their own sexuality.

“As a child I never imagined that all of the real monsters in the world would be humans,” – Mobeen Hakeem


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