Canadians embraces technology

According to Statistic Canada, Nearly all Canadians under the age of 45 (that’s me!) use the Internet every day. I can vouch for that one. Even if I didn’t have a blog, I still work on the Internet for my day job. Even my kids use the Internet to work on and submit homework.

76% of Canadians own a smartphone. They are an integral part of the lives of Canadians, who use them primarily to access the Internet.

77% of Canadians say that technology helps them communicate with other people.  Cell phone technology helps me keep in touch with my children. For example, one of them forgot their keys at school today and couldn’t get into the house. I was able to get my parents to pick her up and make sure she is safe while my husband and I got home. Some teachers now use smartphone applications to keep in touch with parents.

66% of Canadians say that technology helps them save time.

52% of Canadians say that technology helps them make more informed decisions. It is true that with smartphones, laptops and tablets, we easy access to a lot of information on a myriad of subjects. Or, like one of my cousin, we can also just go on social media and quickly ask a question for our friends and connections to answer.

36% of Canadians say that technology helps them be more creative. Does creating and maintaining a blog count?


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