Elizabeth Magie – The Landlord’s Game

Throughout history, there is plenty of example of men taking credit for women’s ideas. In 1904, Elizabeth Magie created a board game called “The Landlord’s Game” which she patented the same year. She created the game to show how rent enriches landlords and improving renters. The game was aimed towards children so that they would grow up aware of the unfairness and hopefully do something about it. She founded a company two years later to manufacture and distribute the game.

Unfortunately, her version is not the one gracing the shelves of stores today.  Popular inventor Charles Darrow patented a modified version and named it “Monopoly”. He sold it claiming to have invented it.

She did two interviews one for The Washington Post and the other for The Evening Star with her original game to let the public know that Charles Darrow did not invent Monopoly.


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