How I lost my crown

This is the story of how I lost my crown.

I grew up in a very small village. So small, it doesn’t appear on any maps. The founding family died out and my family became the oldest established in the village. My grandparents had keys to every public building. This meant that I had access to these building when they were closed. As an introvert, this was the greatest thing ever. There is something about being in an empty public building that changes the energy of the place.

My parents would call me their little princess, and so did my grandparents. Adults would always stop and make a point to talk to me. They wouldn’t ignore me just because I was a child. Soon a lot of people started calling me their little princess.

My brother, my cousin and I would take part in parades even if it didn’t include children. We would sit and wave to everyone as we toured the village.

One day, I asked my parents the following question as they were tucking me into bed. “If I’m a princess, then why aren’t we living in a castle.” That’s when they realized I was starting to truly believe I was a princess. It was the last time I was called a princess. So sad!

That is until I got married and my husband calls me his ninja princess. I still love crowns.


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