Multidimensional Human Beings

Some people view a pretty girl or boy and think that there is nothing more to know. That somehow, they’re outer beauty is their only value.

How many time have someone described a person by saying that she or he has a great character only to have the listener assume that they are ugly.

More than the eye can see - TopicsWithPassion.blogHuman beings are multidimensional. There is more to them than their outside looks.

Even someone who shares a lot of their personal lives still has many facets you don’t know about. Like many others, I’m a blogger. I always say what’s on my mind and share a lot about my past, present and hopes for the future. Yet, there is still more to me that people know.


Never let people reduce you to your looks. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t achieve something because you aren’t pretty enough or tell you that education isn’t important for you since your looks will get you what you want. Be your own person.




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