Depression isn’t like feeling blue

Depression isn’t like feeling blue. I am outspoken about my mental illness issues to raise awareness for mental health.

Any behaviour that impedes our way of communicating, which generates our suffering and the inability to lead a normal life, requires a diagnosis and a type of therapeutic strategy capable of resolving the situation.

emotion-556794_1920Depression is a mental illness and is not a choice, in any case. Depression isn’t the same as feeling blue. Anxiety isn’t the same as feeling stressed. When you compare mental illness issues to something that everyone goes through, you are unintentionally gaslighting us by saying that our serious conditions are less serious than we’re making them.

Depression can feel like an infernal spiral that sometimes seems never to end. I know because I’ve experienced it. There wasn’t an hour in the day or night where I wasn’t worried about someone I love, about work and/or about finances. I felt stuck, the feeling of being trapped inside myself. It is extremely difficult to live with every day, in the short and long term.

Our emotions don’t just affect our mental state but our entire body. It becomes almost impossible to imagine that things can improve over time, that it can end up happening, go a little better. How do I climb out of this darkness I feel inside me?

Please stop “pill shaming” people who take medication for mental health. Judgments spread by the entourage, the media, society, are toxic and act as a negative fuel that constantly fuels black thoughts and isolation.

It’s better to say that you are not alone. This implies that others do go through the same experience without saying that everyone does and that it’s no big deal.

Living with a mental illness is quite possible.

All those affected by a mental health disorder deserve respect and consideration.

I’ve found that being raw and real about my own struggles has helped others, so I do it for those who haven’t found their voice yet.


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