Worth remembering

You are worth remembering. You do not need to be extroverted and beautiful to be remembered. Regardless of how you look, people remember how you made them feel. This usually ends up being far more important than your level of objective attractiveness. Making someone feel good about themselves is the best way to be remembered.

A lesson I learned in high school, in quite an unusual way is that you have to speak for yourself. No one is going to know how great you are until you tell them. I attended a Star Trek convention (yep, I’m a geek) with my best friend and 3 guys. The guys were all there because of my bubbly positive friend and none of them even spoke a word in my direction. I didn’t really care at the time. I was kind of used to be the invisible introvert. That is until we met Armin Shimerman. He made a point of overlooking my extroverted friend and speaking to me first. He also got the boys who were waiting for us on the sidelines to notice my presence. I will always remember the surprise in their eyes when they really looked at me for the first time. It was as if they didn’t even know I was there. I knew then that if you wanted some sunshine, you had to step forward and grab it yourself. That small moment changed my perspective on life. I will forever be thankful to Mr Shimerman for that experience.


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