Abuse of power & those who cover it up

The fight to eradicate sexual harassment is gaining momentum, but it is a battle that goes back years, even decades.

One of the problems is the abuse of power and those who work to cover it up for no other reason than it would hurt them professionally or monetarily. It’s not just about the perpetrator/predator, but everyone in his/her entourage who keeps silent, who cover it up, who makes excuses for the criminal behaviour.

Another problem is the justice system. There are too many examples, of judges being lenient because the person had a bright future in front of them. Well, guess what, don’t do the crime and your future will be bright. Without proper consequences, popular opinion means nothing. There need to be real consequences.

Another issue is the constant sexualization of underage girls in our society is reflected in the media we consume. I’m not saying that the entertainment industry is creating paedophiles. What I’m saying is that art reflects reality and it’s time we change reality. The fact that we live in a world that would vote and present a 13-year-old girl as the sexiest woman alive (Stranger Things) is incredibly disturbing.

Even in the midst of all that awfulness, there were a few things to celebrate, a few reasons to hope, a few reminders that we should still keep fighting for a better world. The fact that the fight against sexual crimes is gaining momentum is a good thing. The fact that campaigns like #MeToo are exploding, that victims are standing together and speaking up and demanding change is giving me hope.

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