Global warming causing colder winters?

Considering the cold we’ve been feeling this winter, it can be difficult to believe that global warming is already well underway on a global scale.  The truth is that global warming could encourage the development of cold spells like those that swept Quebec and much of Northeastern America. 

The origin of this cold called “polar” can be explained by looking at what is happening in the Arctic region. The Arctic region is warming more and more, and twice as fast as the more southerly regions. This phenomenon is fueled in particular by the accelerated retreat of ice in the region year after year, a reality already demonstrated notably by NASA satellites. This shouldn’t be new news. We’ve been discussing it for years. The retreat of ice in the Arctic region means that the very cold air leaves to reach more southern latitudes, especially in North America. Global warming is also in the process of causing cooling in the North Atlantic, the effects of which will be felt in Western Europe.

This is why lizards are falling off trees frozen by the cold weather in Florida.

It’s also why it’s so warm in Australia that roads are melting.


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