Jalousy isn’t love

Spousal violence always has psychological impacts no matter the form it takes.

As a mother, I strongly believe pre-adolescent and adolescent prevention is essential for them to learn how to peacefully resolve conflicts that may arise in their first dating relationships. Young people must be taught that jealousy is not a sign of love. That in its extremes, it is a sign of control.

I believe that spousal violence should be discussed in sex education classes, as well as consent and contraception. It is high time to bring sexuality classes back to high school. The fact that sexual education is non-existent in our society and that the entertainment industry shows unhealthy behaviours as romantic gestures are directly responsible for the increase in spousal violence.

Pre-adolescent and adolescent whose first dating experience include unhealthy behaviours are most likely to become sustainable behaviours.

You do not deserve the mind games, the belittling, the hatefulness, the drama. Your life doesn’t have room for it.

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