Conquer Negative Thinking

As you probably already know, I struggle with depression and anxiety. I am outspoken about my mental illness issues to raise awareness for mental health. I’ve found that being raw and real about my own struggles has helped others, so I do it for those who haven’t found their voice yet.

I am certainly familiar with negative thinking. Last August, when my child started taking public transport to school, I cried because I was convinced I would lose my child to human trafficking. Letting your children grow up is a bit more difficult when doomsday scenarios are constantly swimming in your mind.


Don’t try to stop negative thoughts. Yep, you read that correctly. We need to let it out. It’s therapeutic. I was constantly trying to push back negative thoughts thinking that I shouldn’t be having them at all. This only made things worst. Instead, of refusing to feel or to accept this negative thought I started to own my worries. When I’m in a negative cycle, I acknowledge it.

When someone gives you a compliment do you respond in such a way as to deflect, minimise or sidetrack?  “No problem.” “It wasn’t a big deal.”

Treat yourself like a friend. This tip is golden. After a major depressive and anxiety episode, I realized that I was much more accepting of other’s limits than I was on my own. I wasn’t treating myself like I treated my friends. We should never speak badly about ourselves. When I’m feeling negative about myself, I wonder what advice would I would give a friend who was down on herself and try to apply that advice to me.

Negative thinking happens to all of us. We are all human beings after all. If we recognize it, accept it and challenge that thinking, we are taking a big step toward a happier life.

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