Why the “Off Key” life is a good life

I want to have my shit together, but all efforts don’t seem to stick. I am filled with good intention. I’ll prepare all the lunches, I’ll take out my clothes for the next day before going to bed.

Off key life - TopicsWithPassion.blogI can prepare everything for my child and forget my own lunch or I forget to make breakfast, or I can’t find an item I know I will need at work. In short, I’m off key.

Sadly, pressures to be and to do, become the focus.

We are somehow manipulated and deceived into thinking we are supposed to be perfect in timing. We are also manipulated and deceived into thinking that graduating college, having the ideal job, getting married and having kids along with buying the house by a given time is what having our shit together means.

Having my shit together means not giving up on myself no matter what situation I am facing, and if at the end of the day, we have all made it through without harm, it’s a win.


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